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Data locked inside paper documents or digital silos are unusable. Learn how you can release and USE your data for valuable insights that drive organizational decisions, get vendors paid quickly and utilize your team for more important customer-focused tasks.

Accounts Payable Teams Everywhere Are Making Changes

Do these words characterize your AP department?

Frustration, Delays, Errors, Lack of Transparency…


Let’s fix it…

Automating your Accounts Payable department process with ABBYY FlexiCapture enables your business to save time and money by eliminating manual processes that involve scanning and emailing invoices and other documents as part of necessary steps to complete the Accounts Payable department processes.

With training, FlexiCapture is generally easy for your staff to use.

Exceptions and failures are  seen in the verification station and can be dealt with on the spot without many different approval process steps.

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    "The handoff between ABBYY and the internal system was implemented with an unattended process that sends the invoices to the next process through secure email as a full text searchable PDF with several index fields. The email process is used to route the invoices to the proper approvers and helps reduce the needed keystrokes and human interaction."

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    Are your business processes getting the attention and transparency they deserve?

    Gain Speed. Accuracy. Compliance. Transparency.

    Speed, accuracy, compliance and transparency are the few ways your team will benefit from the adoption of invoice automation with FlexiCapture.

    Digital transformation at the enterprise level is about redefining the customer experience to win new customers, retain existing ones, and provide more value overall.

    When you gain access to the inner workings of how your processes are functioning, and are able to pinpoint the exact areas where unnecessary friction exists, can you use intelligent automation in a way that results in the biggest wins: Save time and money by gaining efficiencies. Comply with regulations more easily. Provide customer experiences that delight. This is the difference between simply digitizing your processes and digitally transforming them.